Are you a mom who doesn’t have the luxury of taking care of your child during the day? Is your child around the age of 3? Do you work from 8 am to 5 pm and constantly need to work overtime to meet deadlines? Are you getting anxious that your child may be lagging in his education because you’re not at home to teach him the knowledge and skills he needs? If your answer to at least 1 of these questions is ‘yes’, then you have to consider taking your child to daycare.

Daycare is a very valuable institution where your will not only be looked after, but he can gain a nice head start in life. Once daycare facilities were only places where you could drop off your kid while you fend for the family during the day. Before, safety was the one and only priority of daycare facilitators. Now, because of competition and not-so-recent discoveries in child development, child care centers are providing toddler education.

Experts have found out that when your child arrived at age 3, his brain starts to grow rapidly. So rapid that there is no other point in his life where his brain will grow as fast as when he was between the age of 3 and 5. This is why it would be wise to choose a daycare center that offers both safety and education so that your child will not miss the opportunity to gather as much knowledge as he can at a very early age. This will give him loads of advantages during the higher education levels.

When you’re looking for daycare, you shouldn’t be passive. The modern day parent may have a good understanding of the importance of day care centers, but there are plenty of day care facilities out there that just don’t have the quality of service that you require for your child. Let’s look at statistics:

  • The total number of day care centers available across the United States have grown to surpass the 100 thousand mark. However, the number of centers that are accredited by the government to operate barely passed the 10% mark.
  • There’s a much cheaper alternative to child care facilities. This is in the form of child care homes. In the ideal world, this is just that same with day care centers in the sense that they provide safety and education. The only difference is that it is done at home and not at a separate establishment. There are more than 200 thousand child care homes in America and a measly 1% of them have accreditation.

The quality of day care centers is declining. This is why you should be vigilant in making your choice. You should make sure that you are sending your child to the right kind of day care facility so that his mind will be molded in the best way possible. Here are some tips on how to ensure that you will be bringing your child to a quality day care center:

  1. Ask for referrals from experienced mothers
  2. Trust your instincts when you go and visit the different child care facilities near your area
  3. Start your search at least 6 months before day care enrollment day
  4. Check the internet for reviews and feedbacks of the facilities you have listed as your options
  5. Do an ocular observations of the facilities